March 25, 2017

Our Identity

DailyLifeForever52 produces all major product ranges in Europe. All Products are manufactured as per the guidelines of European Health Association Rules. We at dailylife Forever52 observe all FDA Laws to boot. We believe in maintaining quality and consistently producing product ranges without the use of heavy metals and harmful chemicals. We are conscious about laws and customer health based on which we manufacture products across all our units.

All our products are of an esteemed standard in terms of quality and produced without the use of heavy metals and harmful chemicals. We always work towards systematic and rapid expansion and to bring Daily life Forever52 to our clients.

We have developed an inexhaustible makeup range to enhance the most important feature of our face, the eyes. Our eye makeup range is nothing short of revolutionary, it is developed keeping all our daily needs in mind each product serves the eyes in cosmetic and healthy ways both.

From demure to bold, minimalistic to dramatic we understand the ethics of need when it comes to honoring the eyes with shades, tints and colors.

We understand the responsibility of producing makeup for the eyes and thus bring out products that are safe, high on quality and contribute to eye health and beauty both. We use credibly sourced raw material from our suppliers and bring out products worth your price.

We pride ourselves for the raw material we source from our providers established since 1855. We ensure that our products are technologically advanced and sourced from the very best resource in the market today.

Daily life Forever52 owes its progress to the talented and enterprising team of makeup artists and engineers who tirelessly innovate to transform the dynamics of makeup at the company.

And our Marketing and PR teams deserve special mention as they give us a voice, face and dimension that carry us on firm shoulders across the world as a robust brand for Fashion and Makeup!