March 25, 2017

About us




At Forever MakeUp Trading LLC, we believe that beauty comes from within all of us. Our line of luxurious cosmetics captures great looking skin with gorgeous colors and quality ingredients. Our products are designed to let your inner beauty shine through.

We began recently in 2007, from then till the present today our progress has carved an upward graph for which we are grateful to our customers and proud of the team that has made this growth possible. Establishing ourselves as a competent fashion and cosmetics brand with exclusive hair technology and wide ranging varieties of innovative eye makeup it has been a success- ful challenge of sorts for Daily life Forever52. Technically we began as wholesalers in 2007 and moved into retail the following year, the leap that has helped set our distribution network across Europe. Headquartered in the fashion capital of the world-­Paris is home to Daily life Forever52. Territorially we have branches in Middle East, North Africa and Asia. Needless to say we plan to reach out even further.

Dailylife Forever52 is sold in 1200 stores across the globe, with 200 training institutes and through 350 exclusive department stores and in mall outlets.

Dailylife Forever52 has a presence in all leading and diverse marketplaces the world over. In Europe you will find us in the all major cities namely France, Italy, Germany, Poland and Norway.

In Africa you can find us in Libya, Sudan and the mystical Egypt. As a brand we have reached out to China and more importantly we have a well established network of outlets in the Middle East right from Oman to Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iran and Iraq.

Looking beyond where we already have a presence our present expansion plans are aggressively advancing to have a stronger outreach in Africa and Middle East and more importantly other parts of the world. We are working to reach out to customers the world over and be recognized as a global make up and fashion brand to reckon with.

Forever Makeup Group introduced Daily Life Forever52 as a brand for the very first time in Dubai way back in 2007. The brand was distributed through semi-­wholesaler channels and a few retail intermediaries all over the Gulf. The wholesale distribution unit covered regions from UAE to as far as Oman, Kuwait and a handful of regions in GCC.

Starting off from here it gradually grew into a makeup brand that was evenly distributed all over Gulf and came into its own. Daily Life Forever52 became a renowned makeup brand for the women of Middle East.

Owing to steady growth in distribution our network got all the more well established with the brand reaching as far off as North Africa, Gulf and far east Asia.

The extensive demand for our products grew when our customers realised the potential quality of the brand. The wide ranging options of daily makeup, the conscious maintenance of quality have made Daily Life Forever52 a brand to reckon with and become a regional hub for top class cosmetics.

After our introduction by Forever Make Up group in 2007 the followingyear in 2008 we i.e. Forever Make Up Trading LLC started off with retail business. We directly supplied to the final chain – our customers via direct selling through kiosks and retail outlets.

By directly reaching out to the customer we were able to establish a direct connection with the value customers attached to cosmetics, needs, and preferences and could assess customer response, feedback and response in a more effective way due to direct selling.

Due, to increased understanding of our customers’ needs and tastes we strived to excel in enhancing product quality and also explored textures, colors and developed and created technologically advanced cosmetics that were thoroughly inspired by women who have made Daily Life Forever52 a makeup brand of repute the world over.

We respect these women for making our brand their daily makeup choice and strive to make a benchmark for ourselves in the cosmetic industry by being consistent in style and innovation.

The dailylife forever52 products are available in over 300 outlets across the globe. We have marked journey of sorts right from 2007 to 2013. Our expansion plans are to cast our net wider and be seen the world over. We believe in direct interaction to understand our customer preferences effectively, for this we have our kiosks and outlets where we introduce them to new shades, and share make up tips and those much needed tricks. Our brand is now present in over 6 locations in UAE, three in Kuwait and two outlets each in Qatar and Oman.